Bulgaria! The first impression.

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This is Bulgaria!

It has been 2 months since I’ve moved to Bulgaria.

And so far, I really like the place. It is safe, friendly and has everything that I might need – at least here, in the Burgas city.

Currently, I’m renting a nice place at the city center. I’m actually planning to move to a smaller coastal town in this same area, maybe Nesebar or Sozopol – but I will wait until the Spring for this.

While Burgas is great, these smaller towns are much more appealing and good-looking, and I don’t need much from a city anyway – so they should be pretty comfortable and nice to live in.

Oh, just in case some of you don’t know – Bulgaria is a south-eastern European country, located next to Greece and Turkey, at the Black Sea.
It is a member of NATO and EU. And it’s a pretty decent place to live!

Local currency – Lev (BGN)

Some of the awesome Bulgarian features that I’ve noticed:

  • People are usually friendly and open, especially if you at least try to speak the local language.
  • In restaurants, the food portions are really huge – it’s ridiculous how much food you can get for a pretty small amount of money.
  • Local wine is superb, especially Ros√© – I drink only occasionally and in small amounts, but even I had to taste it – and immediately fell in love with it.
  • While some places still have this scary “soviet style” look about them, some of the others are looking really beautiful – I especially enjoyed the old towns of Nesebar and Sozopol. Another good thing about them – they weren’t overcrowded, though I probably should check them out at Summer, when it’s season.

  • Despite its relatively small size, the country has a very diverse nature and environment – with mountains, caves, hills, plains, forests and the Black Sea coast.
  • Interesting history and culture. Apparently, Spartacus (the gladiator) was from these parts, from Thracia (part of the modern Bulgaria). You can find both Greek, Roman, Slavic and Turkish influences here – which is pretty cool, if you ask me.
Windmill at Nesebar and Sunny Beach view
  • The language is pretty interesting, too – for me, it feels like something “in between” English and Russian, because of the importance of “to be” verb and the articles. It’s a very unique language, that is pretty distinct from the other Slavic languages.
  • It really is a free country – if you’re not doing something completely outrageous, nobody is going to bother you – that is a big relief, if you ever lived in any of these “police state” kind of countries before.

Sure, it still have some rough edges – but they are being fixed as the country keeps improving all the time.

This last month I haven’t much time to explore, since I was too busy with work – but I’m waiting for the next opportunity to explore the local surroundings more – with anticipation!