About the Mikhno Life

Window of the old house of Ruslan Mikhno

Good day! And welcome to my blog – that is, the blog of Ruslan Mikhno (or Leo, Leon).

I am a professional freelance Web Developer \ Programmer \ Server Administrator, and an amateur artist.

I like camping and hiking, reading books and playing games. I really dislike cynicism, violence and hate, and believe that we all can live without such things.

I’m not very social though, and prefer solitude – because when I’m alone, it’s easier for me to think clearly. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to communicate with people – I do, but usually most of my time goes into working or hobbies.


Purpose of this blog

A random tree from the area around Ruslan Mikhno's old house

This blog is just a very small personal project for my notes, etc.

I often do solo-hiking and probably will post something about it here. I also like role-playing games (including tabletop rpg), so here could be something about that as well.

This is my personal blog. If you want to read info about my projects, please visit my main site, www.mikhno.org. If you want to hire me as a freelancer, please also visit it – you can do it directly via Contacts or via UpWork link in the menu.

I usually update the blog once a month – about every four or five weeks. You can subscribe to the RSS Feed or Email Newsletter to get notifications about new blog posts.


Get in touch

I’d love to get more pen pals from all over the World – if you want, you can write me at ruslan (at) mikhno.org! Or via my contact form. I would be happy to know more about your country (no matter on which side of the Globe it is), your lifestyle and – especially – about the wilderness in your area and your adventures out there. Seriously, please, write to me!


Other notes

In case you’re wondering – all photos on this site are made by me personally, while traveling.
I don’t really know how good or bad are they from professional point of view, but I like them nevertheless.



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