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Why Camping or Hiking Solo? (Alternative Version)

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The previous post explained some of my reasons. But, it contained too much personal experience – don’t you think, eh? Well, there are so much more good reasons for going outside solo! And here just some of them, for you to consider:


  • You can be as slow or as fast as you wish. You don’t need to adapt to your companions – you can choose your own pace and follow it. Moreover, you can go whenever you want and do whatever you want. You can just follow your instincts and you don’t even have to explain anything to anyone! Can you imagine even more freedom?!
  • You will be more close to the Nature. When you are alone, there is nobody to distract you from your surroundings. Without someone constantly talking and stuff, you will hear and notice much more around you.
  • You can improve your camping skills much faster and better, because you have to do everything yourself.
  • You can explore yourself, get to know yourself much better. Because there won’t be other people and media, you will concentrate on your own thoughts and feelings.
  • You can also test yourself, prove to yourself that you don’t depend on anyone to survive and be free.
  • You don’t have to have [good, reliable] friends to do that. And you can do that as often as you want, not only when your friends available from work or other duties.
  • Wilderness is a perfect place to think. If you want to think about your plans for your life, or to think about the life in general – or, if you want to be more creative, get some inspiration for your projects – a solo trip to the wilderness can be exactly what you need.


But, of course, there are some benefits in being with someone else, and I just have to mention them too:

With company

  • You can build your relationships, get to know each otherĀ better and have some great adventures together.
  • It is completely different kind of fun – you can sit around your campfire, tell some stories, someone can play music, etc. The atmosphere can be great, with the right people.
  • You can share some of the equipment. Also, while someone is out looking for firewood, others can build a shelter – duties can be shared too!
  • It doesn’t require the same preparation or skills as going solo, because even if you fail to do something, the others still may get it done.
  • If you get yourself hurt or in trouble, having some companions can actually save your life!

It all highly depends on your company, though – if you have some good, positive and like-minded friends, it will be great. If not, it can be very frustrating. For better experience and to avoid frustration, I highly recommend you to go out only with people who you know very well, who you trust and like.


And at least, give solo hiking \ camping a try. It can become your greatest hobby. Or, the wilderness can become your personal sanctuary, where you go to think. Or anything else!
Personally, I really enjoy going solo, and this whole blog is pretty much about that.